What people say about me

“Bo fosters an environment to get outside your comfort zone, learn and seize new opportunities. The team building activities encourage everyone to try something they haven't done before, and the team works together to achieve a common goal.

The event fosters communication and problem solving while enabling each individual to get outside of their comfort zone. Once the goal is accomplished, the individual has a sense of pride and accomplishment, and the team has grown closer and learned to support / energize each other.

Celebrations following the team event are nice to recap the day and get to know each other on a more personal level which facilities learning each other's drive / motivation as a team."


"I had the chance to participate to a team building event organized by Bo. The location selected was super nice and the time we spent there was high quality.

Aside traditional "get to know the others differently", the focus was made on communication skills. We all can always improve our abilities but this session was truly efficient.

A pity we don't have those more often ;-)"

Gaëtan Dumont | The Square Finance

“I had a great opportunity to participate in a workshop organized by Bo that was dedicated to improvement of communication skills.

Together with other colleagues we could not only learn theory of different presentation techniques but also put it into practice in interactive group exercises.

It was a very valuable experience and also a great fun!


“I first met Bo as co-sponsor of our inter-company development program for Emerging Leaders. Later on, I invited Bo as member of a panel debate for our +150 junior graduates.

At every single occasion, Bo turns out to be a source of openness and inspiration for the participants. His ideas are enriching and most of all, out-of-the-box.

Bo dares to challenge the ‘obvious’ and manages to attract the audience’s attention from the very first minute.”

Wouter Van Linden | 
HR Director – KPMG

“I have met Bo through the Tax Executives Institute EMEA Chapter, where he was a regular speaker and panellist. During my Presidency, Bo was a panel member in the Institute’s 15th Anniversary conference in Geneva.

What strikes me about Bo is his energy and enthusiasm and his ability to engage with the audience!"

Rudolf van Ooijen | Group Tax Manager | IKEA Group

“Years ago Bo and I started our career in the same consulting firm and since our roads cross or run parallel permanently.

I know Bo as a high-energy leader who brings his team each time to a higher level.

Next to being a fantastic professional, Bo is also the guy to have fun with during and after work.

I strongly recommend Bo, also as a visionary keynote speaker.”
Wim Wuyts | Chief Executive Officer | WTS Global