How I can help

Team coach - Become a real team

How can we co-activate the team?

PR Pitch Create memorable experiences that improve team dynamics.

PR Pitch Connect people in the team – improve team results and bring positive energy to teams.

PR Pitch Build a high performing team through collaboration to achieve sustainable results.

PR Pitch Align your culture - enabling strategy execution through cultural transformation.

PR Pitch Use of off-site environments and include various activities like high-rope, dead-ride, water rafting or team cooking, etc.

Executive coach - Believe in you

How can we co-activate you?

Programs could include some or all:

PR Pitch Coaching: Improve skills around developing relationships, setting priorities, building trust, believing in oneself

PR Pitch Communication: Develop a style that works for you and practice the “Whole Brain” and how to handle stress.

PR PitchGolf & Mind: Develop methods to handle stress on the golf course improving your game and remain in control.

Book Bo as a Speaker

PR Pitch Bo is a passionate speaker. He knows how to inspire groups and energize people, but most of all: he can incite them to think.

PR Pitch Bo delivers passionate stories about his experience as team coach and personal coach. And he does like to leave the beaten tracks when he does.