Get to know Bo

Who am I?
  • I am a 50 year old Danish national with significant international business experience – lived in 4 countries (Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland & USA) and more than half my lifetime outside Denmark.

  • Throughout my career journey I have been involved in Individual, Team, and Leadership Development.

  • I am known for bringing energy and positivity into a group, and use my personal style to facilitate workshops in areas such as communicating effectively, building high performing teams, change management, influencing effectively.

  • I do what I believe in.
What do I believe in?
  • I believe everything is possible – it’s never too late to develop and learn.

  • I am a firm believer that if people believe in themselves and work on their strengths they can develop their full potential and move mountains.
What's my mission?
My mission is to unleash people’s talent and passionately support their professional or personal growth in life and in business. I help people to build their own vision.
What have I accomplished?
I have successfully:

  • Built high performing and engaged teams in tax and treasury – 16 individuals at UCB.
    Conducted the transformation of the team, moving it from an operational to a strategic focus. This was achieved through a deep understanding of customer requirements and the design and delivery of solutions that exceeded their expectations.
    As a result, customer satisfaction increased from 57.4% to 88%.

  • At UCB - driven communication and change to strengthen organizational awareness of functions. Established strong relationships with the business and instituted a customer-service mindset in the team to enhance value creation.

  • Been responsible of:
    1. Leading the development of UCB Finance competencies for +/- 420 financial personnel as part of a Finance Transformation project.
    2. Delivering an online finance academy which will provide the foundation of ongoing technical training by role.
What's my background?

My formal educational upbringing:

  • Accounting degree @Copenhagen Business School

  • Bachelor of Business Administration @UBI

  • Master of Business Administration @UBI

  • Executive Leadership Program @Harvard

  • General Management Program @Harvard

  • Certified Coach @BAO Group

  • Certified PCM Coach @Process Communication Europe

  • During my career, the leadership & development programs I have been part of with focus on:

    • Communication
    • Teambuilding
    • Leadership
    • Coaching
    Want to know even more?
    • I joined Stryker in Switzerland, where I worked in a highly multinational environment.
      After 5 years in Switzerland, I moved to Belgium leading people in Europe and Asia, and continued onwards to the USA to lead a global team of 7.

    • Working across cultures required, self and situational awareness and an ability to step back and adapt to the different situations.
      This is when my passion for people began!
      These experiences arouse my interest in the understanding of interactions between people, communication and culture and I have since then continued developing others and myself in these areas.

    • I have over twenty years of international management, leadership and financial experience working in a variety of industries and countries.